Stingray, a UK based Reggae recording studio and label that emerged as one of the leaders in the music field since it was founded in 1994 by the McLeod brother’s. Based in the West London suburb of Perivale, Stingray own a fully equipped and advanced 24-track professional recording studio.

Carlton “Dillie” McLeod and his younger brother Raymond “Sting” McLeod have steadily built a reputation for producing unique “Yard Style” mixing technique outside Jamaica.

In the past Stingray had worked and produced some of the best UK finest performers such as Peter Hunningale, Sylvia Tella, Lloyd Brown and many more. On the other side of the globe Stingray have also worked and produced high profile artist from Jamaica such as Dennis Brown, Luciano, Freddie McGregor, Bushman, Morgan Heritage, Mykal Rose, Sanchez, Tony Curtis, Lukie D and many more names to mention.

Dillie, as an ex soundman (Lord Koos, Savannah, Love Injection and Intimate Connection) and a radio DJ (Time Radio, WLR, Skyline) as well as a drummer with the I-lects band, Dillie contributed to the recent success of Saxon Records, where he worked closely with the renowned Saxon selector “Musclehead” to record gems like Peter Hunningale’s Genuine album etc etc. Under Stingray label, the production with Don Campbell (I-lects guitarist & lead singer) Never Burn Your Bridges, was the first LP released and Luciano’s album Visions stands out as one of Dillie’s finest engineered production.

The characteristic sound on Stingray’s production is fairly traditional and filled with classic 70s Reggae feel, but built with all the advantages of modern studio technology. Besides the production and engineering talents of Dillie, Stingray use musicians of the finest calibre such as Mafia & Fluxy, Sly & Robbie, Computer Paul, Firehouse Crew, Gumption Band, Jazzwad, Carlton Bubblers Ogilvie (another former member of the I-lects band), Ernie Wilks, Daltone Browne, Dean Fraser and Tan Tan, with the mixing expertise from Dillie which provides the very important finishing touch.

Reggae experts often ignore tunes made outside Jamaica, but there’s no excuse for overlooking the consistently and breath taking production style of Stingray unless it’s the criminal underexposure it received on the radio.

Dillie recalls at an early age he was into music, from the days when the Blue Spot gram used to run tings. His mother used to have difficulty keeping him away from her records and she always knew that he would end up working within the music industry, to encourage him with his ambition and passion she made an investment into his future career by buying Dillie a drum kit at the age of 15. While still at school Dillie and his friends formed a group called the I-lects along with Don Campbell, Carlton “Bubblers” Ogilvie and Kenneth Mckenzie

Stingray continues to aim higher and higher by venturing into new horizons……

what’s in store?…….watch this space to find out…….


Carl “Dillie” McLeod
Co-founder,Producer and Studio Engineer
Being the producer/studio engineer of stingray records continues to be an honor for me. Having the responsibility of being the co founder of one of the most prestigious label gives me a great personal pride and enjoyment, I am glad to accept the day to day production that makes this label work for so many artistes and their dependents who are in need of not only production assistance, but comfort in so many other ways that make the quality of our lives more bearable. I am in daily contact with Administrator, Fitzroy Mcleod. An so know the day to day problems that may arise at the studio. I am sure we will continue to be most successful an added pleasure for what has become the highlight of the British Reggae industry. We are graced by all Artiste, Musician, Engineer, DJs, Media, Customers, supporters of this label and I cannot express the gratitude we extend to them for their continual support. We hope you continue to enjoy our music and thank you for your support.
Ray “Sting” McLeod
Co-founder and Operations Support
For the past ten years stingray music has shown the world that stingray record is a label that is recognised worldwide. We have seen standards continually driven up, the quality of productions improve and the sheer number of production increase year on year We produced this site to share with you some of the achievements of stingray in the past years and invite you to get involved in helping us to work for improved services for everyone in the industry.
Allan "Dee" McLeod
Co-founder, Photography and Design Support
Allan has been in charge of the majority of all Stingray albums designs and photography. Having emerged from the traditional designs and now to the latest digital methods, Allan is a master in his trade, putting quality and excellence at the forefront of all his work.
Maurice McLeod
Co-founder, Marketing and Promotions
Creating wealth is about working smarter and making your money work for you In today’s age of information and technology, exciting new ways to create wealth now exit. This technology can put you in control of your future; it’s never too late to achieve your goals in the music industry.